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Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is the traditional system on which many other styles are based. It is primarily the yoga of physical postures and breathing which allow you to relax and unwind whilst also strengthening and toning the body.


Hatha Yoga is suitable for all ages and levels of ability. It is non-competitive and everyone is able to take the class at their own pace. A typical class will have a range of components to integrate the mental and physical including breathing exercises, yoga postures which tone and stretch the body, balances to concentrate the mind and meditation to relax and enhance overall well-being. In short a total mind and body workout.


Kundalini Yoga

Known as ‘The Mother of all Yogas’, Kundalini Yoga is the most inclusive of all forms. It combines powerful techniques to develop strong, healthy bodies, to clear and balance the mind and emotions, increase our energy and expand our awareness. It enables us to deal with life’s situations without falling into negative, habitual patterns and stress.


It is the perfect yoga for the new millennium, ideal for people with responsibilities in work, the family and the world. Kundalini Yoga is available to all and can be combined beneficially with any other therapy, healing or spiritual discipline.


A Kundalini class includes: Pranayama (breathing), Asanas (Postures), Bhandas (Body Locks), Mantras (chanting), Mudras (hand and arm positions), Mental Focus and Deep Relaxation.