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Tsuboki (TM) Japanese Face

Japanese Face Massage (also called Tsuboki) works using massage and acupressure principles and improves both the look and feel of the skin and the tone and function of the muscles, as well as being relaxing.


By working on the superficial tissues of the skin, lymph flow is improved helping to remove toxins and excess tissue fluid. Massaging of the facial muscles improves tone and helps de-stress, whilst working with the energy meridians helps to balance the flow of Ki throughout the face and into the body.


The therapy was created by Anne Parry, now practising in Berks, who also runs courses to learn Tsuboki.


Japanese Face Massage treatment begins with a massage of the neck and shoulders and then moves to the face using oil.


It is a deeply relaxing massage that tones the face's musculature, improves the lympahitc flow and increases circulation of the blood to refresh the skin. It encourages elimination of toxins and reduces puffiness and can also help to prevent lines and wrinkles giving a natural 'face lift'. The 8 meridians of the face that run throughout the body, are then carefully stimulated, thus treating the whole body as well as the face. A therapeutic and enjoyable treatment.



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