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Speaker Reviews / Minutes

14/09/2016    “Take control of your life and become the person you’ve dreamt of being”

We secured another excellent speaker – Monica Black.

Monica has been running a successful practice for several years after living a stressful life in the city. She is a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Coach, Trainer and... Read More:


09/01/2013       Discussion on Drop-in Centre in WGC with Isabel Hatfield

Our guest speaker was Isobel Hatfield representing CVS (community Voluntary Services

covering Hertsmere and WGC). She had come to give us advice about the structure of the charity we are planning to form, how to apply for funding and how to go about it. Read More:



09/06/2012        Working as a tutor at Barnfield College in Luton

Kerstin Holman-Schmidt talks about her experience in teaching and a brief outline about how Kerstin arrived to first study at Barnfield College and was then offered a position as a part-time tutor. Read more:



09/05/2012          The Balance Procedure (TBP) with Jenny Cox

We did not lose much time as there is never enough and launched straight into The Balance Procedure presented by Jenny Cox and supporting husband Alan.

We were all fascinated by the complexity and yet actual simplicity of the procedure and Jenny’s and Alan’s explanations. Read more:



14/03/2012          "Myo-Gel Ice Pack" with David Lintonbon (Osteopath)


We were delighted to welcome David Lintonbon, an osteopath and lecturer at the London School of Osteopathy, as our speaker for the evening.  David’s talk was centered around the newly launched “Myo-Gel ice pack” which ... Read more:



08/02/2012          "Neuro-Developmental Delay with Paul Gismondi"


Paul has taught in primary and secondary schools, adult education and university business schools but became concerned about the difficulties some children were having while teaching in a primary school some ten years ago. Read more:



11/01/2012        “An Introduction to Reiki”  by Claire Westlake and Dawn Knight.


Reiki, meaning the Universal Life Force or Universal Energy.

An introduction to the history behind Reiki and how it started in Japan by a Dr Mikao Usui after a mammoth 21 day meditation when he felt a rush of energy and was enlightened to a new way of healing. Read more:



09/11/2011        Approaching 2012 by Robert Hilditch


As the year 2012 is widely held to mark the end of the 26,000–year long count of the Mayan Calendar, there has for a long time been an immense amount of speculation on ‘what will happen’ in this momentous year which is now fast approaching. Read more:



12/10/2011       Buteyko Breathing Technique with Martin Lester (Osteopath)


In essence, the Buteyko Breathing Technique (BBT) is a method of breathing most commonly used in the treatment of asthma.  Developed in Russia in the 1950s by a doctor named Konstantin Buteyko, it is now recognised as an effective method of managing asthma by Asthma UK and The British Thoracic Society.  Read more:



14/9/2011       Colour Therapy, A Talk Given by Janet Flowers.


What better way could there be to begin our Autumn series of monthly get-togethers than with a

fascinating talk and demonstration of Colour Therapy by Janet Flowers of www.hertshealing.com.  Already basking in the vibrant healing colours of Janet’s wonderful array of silk scarves, we were not surprised to learn that the focus for the evening was going to be ‘health’.  Read more: