Welwyn Hatfield Therapists


Nutritional Therapy

Most people have heard the expression "you are what you eat", and know that's not always good news.  Nutritional therapy takes this further and looks not just at what you eat, but how your body processes, absorbs and utilises the nutrients you receive through the foods you choose to eat.


Food affects your mood and energy levels, as well as your body's ability to repair and renew.  We need more than just protein, fat and carbohydrate.  We need certain minerals, vitamins, fibre and pure water to make us healthy and full of life.  How much we need of each is individual, depending upon our genetic make-up, environment and lifestyle choices.


Nutritional therapy seeks to understand your personal needs, and then uses good food choices, combined with natural food supplements, to gently re-balance your body.  It can effectively resolve many long-standing issues, as well as providing a new understanding of your health.