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Numbers are a part of our lives. From the moment we are born we are given a time of birth, and count our years in numbers. Some people say they have a "lucky" number, and others think some numbers are unlucky, however they all have their own individual vibration and significance in the life of an individual. By looking at the birthdate and the name, many valuble insights can be gained about the often unseen potential that lies within. Cycles small and large, which affect our lives, can also be identified by this valuabe tool.

Numerology is the philosophy of numbers. It explores the nature, the qualities, and therefore the inner meaning of these wonderfully logical and harmonious little crystallisations of purpose in the mind of God. They are the transparent conceptual bricks of the manifestation of the mystery of life.


When we learn to meet and know them, we can start to see patterns and cycles, and make sense of where we have been, where we are, and where we might go. Therefore we can understand the "impulse" and "heartbeat" of our own life. From understanding comes wholeness, peace of mind, and compassion.


Numerology offers the opportunity of removing ourselves from the sea of illusion, and walking the clear path of self-realisation.