Welwyn Hatfield Therapists



The underlying principal of Naturopathy is that the body has the ability to heal itself if it is given the right tools to do so. It sees Man as an integral part of the universe and that the maintenance of health is dependent on being in harmony with the natural world.


Naturopathy is not based on one therapeutic modality, but will employ a selection of natural techniques along with providing nutritional, mental/emotional and physical care. All of these will combine to stimulate the vital curative force in the body.


A naturopath will seek to find and treat the underlying cause of an illness as opposed to merely treating the symptoms of the disease. Causes may range from physical, genetic, environmental, social, mental, emotional and spiritual and often involve combinations of these - hence the whole person is treated.


A naturopath will provide the tools for life style changes, but it is the client who will ultimately heal him/herself.