Welwyn Hatfield Therapists


Code of Ethics

Each registered Practitioner is encouraged to maintain the highest standards of personal conduct and presentation in dealings with clients.


Each Practitioner has a responsibility to maintain the good reputation of the WHCPG.


Each Practitioner must preserve the confidentiality and anonymity of a client and all material relating to that client unless the client otherwise agrees, in accordance with the Data Protection Act.


Each Practitioner must ensure that a client is made fully aware of the method of working, the duration and nature of the consultation and the fees involved before commencing treatment.


Practitioners shall have respect for the religious, spiritual, political and social views of clients irrespective of race, colour, creed, gender, disability or sexual orientation and must never seek to impose their beliefs on their clients.


Each Practitioner must refrain from offering a diagnosis or any medical advice to a client unless they have the relevant qualifications and skills.


Each Practitioner must maintain Professional Liability Insurance at all times.



You will see that we regard the care and safety of our clients as a top priority.


If you would like to know more about the Group or have any comments on any of the therapies you have tried then please contact one of the Committee Members.


Wishing you Good Health