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Eating Disorders

Our eating habits are profoundly influenced by the day to day ways in which we run our lives. We are affected, among other things, by the eating habits of our culture, and by the importance of weight in our society. Eating can be affected by our work, our family life, our hobbies, social lives, and by the ways we have been taught to use food in our childhood. When eating goes out of control, we might lose sight of how our lifestyle is contributing to our problems.


* The objective is to help you to break the hold of all forms of compulsive eating problems.

* Enlighten you about the nature of your problem, the effects of dieting, the ways in which the body controls appetite and weight, and other matters relating to nutrition.

* Teach you how to recognise the emotions concealed beneath food cravings, and how to deal with them.

* Help you to reduce stress effectively.

* Undo that part of your problem which has become a habit.

* Guide your eating experience back into its proper perspective - as an enjoyable way of keeping you alive and well.



Mary Goodfellow


Eating Disorders