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Bach® Flower Remedies

The Bach® Flower Remedies are 38 remedies made from flower extracts which help to level out emotional imbalances. Dr Bach believed that illness is a direct result of ‘conflict between our spiritual and mortal selves’. As a result, he developed 38 natural remedies and divided these remedies into seven groups dealing with fear, uncertainty, insufficient interest in present circumstances, loneliness, over-sensitivity to the influences and ideas of others, despondency and despair and over-care for the welfare of others. Five of these remedies are combined to make the Rescue Remedy, for particular use in situations of trauma. After a consultation, which may last up to 1 hour, the therapist will mix up a prescriptive bottle with up to 7 remedies. The remedies in the bottle will be specific to the emotions the client is experiencing and will last up to 3 weeks. The remedies are very effective and natural, so can be taken by everyone, including children and pregnant women.



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