Welwyn Hatfield Therapists


Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a subtle method to reduce unnecessary tension in the body and improve posture. This self-help method was developed over 100 years ago and has helped many people with a wide range of problems improve the quality of their lives. Many types of pain caused by bad posture or injury can be helped in a way so that people do not need to take pain killers or other drugs with side effects. It is not a ‘quick fix’; it requires a personal commitment for a number of months to explore new, more relaxed ways of moving. The Alexander Technique can help with back pain, neck pain, stress, poor posture, arthritis, stroke recovery, low self esteem, headaches, high blood pressure and non-specific aches and pains.


It is taught one-to-one in 45 minute lessons. Most people find doing a course of 5 to 10 lessons can help them begin to challenge their own postural habits of a lifetime. Over 60% of the population could benefit greatly from learning to improving their posture.